Hyde Parish Council has seven members who stand for election every four years.  The next election is due in 2023.


Sam Burden                      291882             Brooklands Farm, Stuckton, SP6 2HE

Giles Dolphin                   658027                      Thyme Cottage, Blissford, SP6 2JG

Maggie McKenzie            839643               Thistles, Gorley Lynch, Hyde SP6 2QL

Ann Sevier                        653157             Blissford Dairy Farm, Blissford SP6 2JG


Bernie Tully                      652470                    Tullamore, Frogham Hill, Stuckton, SP6 2HH 

Tina Woodley               07747 192349      1 Brookside, South Gorley, SP6 2PR

(Vice Chair)

Andrew Harris                  656333                       Greenfields Farm, North Gorley, SP6 2PL



Sue Thurston              07940 479641           1 Drake Close, Ringwood, Hants, BH24 1UG         



The Parish Council is required to publish the Council Members' Register of Interests on their website.  These are contained in an Appendix and can be viewed by clicking here.