TIMETABLE                                                                                                                          21st July 2016

The normal Planning period for an application of this size and complexity is 16 weeks from validation and publication - twice as long as the normal planning period. We have been talking to the NFNPA Planning team to establish the timeline for the various steps and expect more detail in the next few days.  The timeline update will be published here as soon as it is released to us.

HOW TO VIEW THE ES LOCALLY ...................                            Saturday 6th August

Fordingbridge Library have kindly agreed to hold a copy of the complete ES on CD for viewing on one of their PC's by those interested.  The Library is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9.30 - 5pm, and on Saturday between 9.30 and 1pm

ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT     [ES]                                                                                     21st July 2016

The ES is a huge document - in reality a large number of inter-related documents, maps, drawings, figures and appendices.  The full documentation is available in printed form and also on CD.   We have 10 copies of the CD in the Parish and we are happy to lend them to residents who wish to make a detailed study - please contact the Clerk.


The full printed material is available for public viewing during normal opening hours at the NFNPA at their offices in Avenue Road Lymington and the Forestry Commission at Queens House, Lyndhurst.  The Parish Council also has a complete set of documentation.

To assist residents we have uploaded the Planning Statement, non-technical summary and base maps

ES Non-Technical Summary     Planning Statement        Location Plan           Catchment and SSSI units