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Introduction                                                     Submissions from:

The Project                                                      The Verderers of the New Forest

Timescale for the Works                                  Natural England

Funding                                                           The Forestry Commission



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NPA - Planning Position                                 Links to websites

Environmental Impact Assessment                Scoping Report letter

The other sides of the Debate

The run up to the Planning Decision




The summary of public feedback re the EIA and copied to the Parish Council is here


EXHIBITION DATA SHEETS are here               EXHIBITON MAPS are here

Latchmore Wetland Restoration

The other side of the debate ....... read this

The statements from the statutory bodies published on our website and within the Environmental Impact Assessment naturally lean towards a wetland restoration solution that meets their criteria and legal obligation.    There is a strong body of opinion in the parish opposed to restoration of the Brook - either in its entirety or within specific areas of local interest, e.g. hydrology, ecology, mires, wildlife in many forms, archaeology, not to mention the impact of importing materials to sites on local roads and in proximity to many houses.


Many of those who stand in opposition are members of the Friends of Latchmore.   The pro-active stance of this group was led by Professor John Shepherd during his time living in the Parish, and even now he remains keenly interested.


Members of the Parish seeking the broadest scope of information, therefore, should not only read the papers submitted by the statutory bodies, but take time to visit   and to study the opinions there presented - and the various steps taken by this group in following their determination to change the course of future events.