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Since the beginning of the discussions surrounding Latchmore, the Parish Council have always made clear that they will fulfil their duty to represent the Parish as a whole - and that remains the position today.  The supposition that the Parish Council supports the proposals is demonstrably untrue, for at this moment - and without the gift of second sight - none of us know what the proposals are.  Our role is not to second guess, but to ensure that everyone in the Parish is given detailed information as to the final proposals - and that will be following the publication of the Environmental Impact Assessment and its inclusion into the Planning Application.

At that point in time we will ALL have to make our minds up, and as a Parish resident you may be certain that the Parish Council will want to know exactly where you - and the Parish - stands before the votes take place.  We have laid plans to ensure that every resident has the opportunity to tell us whether they are for or against, and to be specific as to the reasons for their decision.  This will be in proper time relevant to consideration of the Planning Application.

The new website sections aim not to put forward one view above another, but solely to make sure that all residents in the Parish have exposure to the positions of the various involved bodies and, through the links provided in section 4, can with ease access information in depth, be it from statutory body or local action group.

For the record, Latchmore Brook is tabled under ‘Commons’ for Wednesday’s meeting, so that we can record the EIA exhibition; further detailed discussion will more than likely be tabled for the next meeting.  Everyone has the right to attend Parish Council meetings - and all are welcome - but Wednesday is so soon after the EIA event that it might be better for residents to reflect and gather their opinions and concerns for a later meeting.


Peter Dowling


Hyde Parish Council



For the attention of Steve Avery, New Forest National Park Authority
Lymington Town Hall, Avenue Road, Lymington SO41 9ZG
Planning Application 00691
Opinion on  the EIA Scoping Report – Proposed Wetland Restoration.

Copy to the Forestry Commission and Land Use Consultants.
Hyde Parish Council has received a number of representations from residents who attended the parish council meeting 10th September and by email.  We have urged parishioners to share their concerns directly with the NFNPA and the Forestry Commission, as they can add more detail and explanation to their individual opinions.
The Parish Council realises that the Scoping Report gives only an outline of proposed works and phase effects but respondents feel that the information it contains is inadequate given the importance of this stage of the Environmental Impact Assessment.
The main concerns in the representations received:
Damage or alteration to the habitats of flora, fauna, fish, birds, insects, reptiles, lepidoptera, odonata. Many of which are rare and protected by law.
There is inadequate provision in the Scoping Report for assessing the pollution of the water from debris, dams, the problem caused by disintegrating heather bales, and the importation of materials.
The field work undertaken to date has been insufficient or may not have provided a suitable baseline as many of the studies were done following a period of unprecedented  rainfall/flooding.  The fieldwork should commence after the Scoping Report has been agreed.
The timescale proposed in the document is too short to achieve comprehensive and adequate fieldwork.
The methodology has not worked in the past, Ditchend is a local example, and this has resulted in a lack of belief that the F.C. is capable of undertaking the appropriate work.  There is no provision in the Scoping Report for visiting earlier projects and assessing their success/failure.
More work upstream and sequential restoration should be considered.
The respondents feel that the Scoping Report does not make a convincing case for the necessity for the work or what would be considered a successful outcome by the F.C.
The Parish Council and many residents are very concerned about the additional heavy traffic across the forest and the impact on weak, single track roads.  In the Restoration Phase Effects the Scoping Report lists the movement of traffic, the creation of passing places and temporary road surfaces – all of which will mean disruption for residents and damage to verges. Heavy lorries transporting gravel and machinery could cause vibration damage to the old cottages en route to the work area and although this is mentioned in Potential Traffic Effects 7.12  there is no indication as to how this could be avoided.  A short timescale for the traffic movements is mentioned but no actual proposed time is stated.
The loss of amenity and the impact on the beauty of this popular area has not been sufficiently considered,  8.22  states only that the visual effect will be localized and consideration will be given to longer term landscape changes.  There is no plan to assess the effect on the walkers, holidaymakers, wildlife experts and photographers who visit Latchmore.

Best regards,
Peter Dowling

Hyde Parish Council