Residents are invited to attend all or part of Parish Meetings and to contribute to the open session near the start of the meeting. If you have a particular subject to raise, please contact the Parish Clerk in advance of the meeting so that we may be better prepared to help you.

Agenda for April 14th 2021

                                                                                                    HYDE PARISH COUNCIL


All in attendance should be aware that filming and recording may occur during the meeting.

This meeting will be held in accordance with s.78 of the Coronovirus Act 2020, The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronovirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 (“the 2020 Regulations”) which came into force on 4th April 2020.

The 2020 Regulations enable local councils to hold remote meetings (including by video and telephone conferencing) for a specified period until May 2021. The 2020 Regulations apply to local council meetings, committee and sub-committee meetings in England. Press and Public may join the meeting.

All attendees should try to join the meeting at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to allow for any connection problems. 

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                                       Meeting ID:        93655819478                     Password: 548868


Due to the current pandemic this meeting will take place VIRTUALLY to share information with members and with residents (via the minutes)– if you wish to contribute a report to members for consideration at this meeting please submit by email or post to reach the Clerk by 6pm on Friday 9th April

There will be a meeting of Hyde Parish Council on Wednesday 14th April 2021 at 7pm


  1. Apologies

  2. Declarations of interest in matters appearing on this agenda

  3. Minutes of the VIRTUAL meeting held on 10th March 2021 (already circulated)

  4. Matters arising from the meeting of 10th March 2021

  5. Update on recruitment of new Clerk

  6.  Councillor vacancy – Co option policy

  7. Discuss format and date for APM and format for May AGM/Parish Meeting 12th May 2021



  1. Planning

    1. Applications

21/00226 Hillbury, Frogham Hill – single storey extension, porch, enlargement of terrace, demolition of existing conservatory

21/00232 Dorridge Hill, Furze Hill – Single storey extensions, demolition of existing single storey extension

21/00280 Oakdene, Frogham Hill -  Two storey extension; single storey open extension; single storey extension under carport; porch; alterations to doors and windows; cladding; solar panels; cattle grid; gate, wall

  1. Results

21/00077 Little Thatch, Ringwood Road – Dwelling (demolition of existing dwelling)

Not yet decided:

20/10829 (NFDC) Land at Hern Lane, Hyde – agricultural dwelling & garage

21/00139 Rose Cottage, Blissford Hill – Removal of condition 4 of planning permission 20/00823 for alterations to roof, doors and windows

  1. Tree applications:

CONS/21/0166 Lightlands, Blissford Hill Prune 1 x Holly bush/tree Prune 1 x Leylandii


21/0077 Seagars Farm, Stuckton Hill – fell 2 Conifers – Raise no objection

21/0108 1 The Cottages, Stuckton Hill – Fell 1 Silver Birch and 1 Ginkgo Tree – Raise no objection

21/0121 Glen Brook – Ringwood Road – raise no objection

21/0113 Beckys Orchard, Gorley Lynch – raise no objection


  1. Other planning matters:

  • TEN – none received

  • Enforcement/Appeals – no new cases/appeals

  • Mast – update - response from HCC and MP

  1. Report from County Councillor Edward Heron (HCC)

  2. Report from District Councillor (NFDC)

  3. Highways/Lengthsman (22/3):  to include road flooding at the 3 Lions and work for the lengthsman

  4. Forest/Commons/Footpaths:  to include Pride in Our Parish and Spring Litter Pick

  5. Finance: balances in the accts, cheques for payment - AGAR to May meeting – Audit date TBA

  6. Coronavirus and Parish Response:

  7. Parish Website review

  8. Consultations: None

  9. Correspondence (to note)

  10. Reports of representatives (meetings attended during last month and to note future meetings)


Next Parish meeting: Wednesday May 12th 2021 at 7pm

Parish Clerk:    w