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Notes from the virtual (ZOOM) meeting held on 9th December 2020

Present: Cllrs Burden, Dolphin, McKenzie, Mulcahy, Sevier (Chair), Tully and Woodley;

Clerk (M Coatham) and no members of public (2 joined but left before meeting started as Ivy House application has been withdrawn).


1. Apologies: County Councillor Edward Heron


2. Declarations of Interest: Cllr Sevier will not contribute/comment on the planning applications as a member of the NFNPA and NFDC Planning Committees. 


3. Minutes of meeting held on 11th November 2020: Notes from the virtual meeting held on 11th November 2020 were approved by members, proposed by Cllr Tully, seconded by Cllr Burden, all in favour.


4. Matters Arising

Emergency plan – moved to next month after contact with HCC.  Clerk not yet contacted HPSN volunteers.


PUBLIC SESSION – no public present.


5. Planning

a. Applications – Cllrs Dolphin and Woodley had reviewed the applications prior to the meeting.

20/00813 Ivy House, Blissford Hill – creation of a new access; driveway (block up existing): The planning officer had confirmed that this application had been withdrawn, so discussion will be deferred until the revised application has been submitted.

20/00823 Rose Cottage, Blissford Hill – alterations to roof, doors and windows: The application was similar to a previous approved application but with slightly altered dimensions (reduction of one brick at first floor level) plus some discrepancy with regards to doors and roof design (does not appear the same).  It was agreed to recommend approval but to leave the final decision to the officers (PAR1) proposed by Cllr Woodley, seconded by Cllr Dolphin, all in favour. Conditions to be included for storage of materials within the site curtilage to protect the SSSI, lights to be PIR to protect dark skies and to ensure that the proposals do not result in a net increase of more than the allowed 30%.

20/00867 3 The Paddock, Frogham – replace boiler and oil tank with air flow heat pump

No concerns have been received from neighbouring properties (regarding noise from the apparatus) and it was felt that the parish was likely to receive similar application in the future as people are encouraged to convert to more environmentally friendly energy solutions.  It was considered that the application was in line with DP2 – that the proposal would not result in unacceptable adverse impacts on amenity in terms of additional impacts, visual intrusion, overlooking or shading.  It was agreed to recommend approval but to leave the final decision to the officers (PAR1) proposed by Cllr Woodley, seconded by Cllr Dolphin, all in favour. A conditions to be included for storage of materials within the site curtilage to protect the SSSI.

Results: 20/00645 Honeysuckle Cottage, Hungerford Hill – first floor extension - REFUSE

20/00683 Land Hyde Garden Shop – mast and ancillary development (GDPO) – raise objections

20/00724 Willowfield, Stuckton – greenhouse – GRANT

20/00544 Stables Tea Rooms – patio for external seating & pergola (retrospective) – GRANT

20/00670 LDCP Keepers Cottage – is permitted development

Not yet decided: 20/10829 (NFDC) Land at Hern Lane, Hyde – agricultural dwelling & detached garage

b. Tree applications:

20/0670 Holly Hatch, Gorley Lynch – prune 1 Judas tree

20/0684 Meadow View, Stuckton Hill – prune 1 Apple and 1 Cherry Tree

20/0698 Crombies, Gorley Lynch – prune 6 Oak and 1 Chesnut

20/0699 Hyperion, Stuckon – prune and fell some Hornbeam to re-establish tidy hedgeline

Cllr Woodley had reviewed the tree applications and circulated a report to members prior to the meeting.  It was agreed to leave the decision to the officers as it was felt that all cases were appropriate tree management with no loss of amenity. 

Tree Results: 20/0587 Hungerford House, Buddle Hill; 20/0581 Lynchmoor, Gorley Lynch; 20/0588 Sandy Corner, North Ogdens; 20/0592 Glebe Cottage, Church Lane; 20/0601 Forest House, Frogham Hill; 20/0641 Cass Cottage, Hern Lane  - all raise not objections.  Not yet decided: 20/0635 Setter, Gorley Lynch – prune 3 Oaks;

c. Other planning matters

  • TEN – none received

  • Enforcement/Appeals –Further enquires made by residents with regard to Hilltop and Brooklands Farm – Clerk has contacted the Enforcement Officer at the NPA and provided links to the residents for further information.

  • Harrys Field: (i) Bournemouth Water have confirmed that pressure is currently fine but that there were problems in the summer period. “I was sorry to learn that over the summer period the water pressure at the camp site and other areas of Frogham was low at peak times. I’d like to explain the reasons for this issue was because there was a huge demand on our water supply, and I’d like to apologise for any inconvenience this had caused. If you receive any further contacts, please can you pass on our 24 hour Helpline number 0344 346 2020 and we can then arrange for the water pressure to be undertaken and an investigation to inspect our asset.”   (ii) The hall committee have confirmed that they will be discussing the use of their car park at their January meeting.  (iii) The Government has confirmed that they have extended permitted development to 56 days in 2021 and the campsite website has posted days covering a period of at least 56 days for next year – this information has been passed to the Enforcement Officer at the NFNPA, as well as requesting a review of the buildings on site – the Officer has confirmed that they will be reviewing the information and writing to the site owners shortly.

  • Mast – Waldon and HCC have confirmed that the mast will be moving to the shop location on a temporary basis before Christmas (not currently approved as the permanent site but planning permission is not required for a temporary site under the current regulations).  A Zoom meeting with Waldon is booked for 10th December – Cllr Dolphin and Mulcahy to attend, Clerk to take notes.  Questions have been sent as well as the document generated by David Whitehead with proactive response identified.  Clerk contacted all NPA parishes – very little feedback of relevance – one mast in Marchwood (industrial site) and one on private land but a direct replacement of existing mast.  Only 2 responses received from residents following newsletter stating a need to stream data on 5G – one from Furze Hill/Ogdens and one from Frogham/Abbotswell.

  • Stuckton Chapel – it was agreed to follow up the enforcement enquiry with NFDC.

  • Business Classifications – Cllr Sevier noted that the Government has widened the classifications of business use – this may impact on the boundaries of the parish (within the areas governed by NFDC).


It was agreed that Cllrs Tully and Mulcahy would consider the applications for January prior to the meeting.


6. Report from County Councillor Edward Heron (HCC) – Cllr Heron was not present at the meeting.


7. Report from District Councillor Emma Lane (NFDC) – Cllr Lane was not present at the meeting.

  • Waste strategy: to be discussed under consultations

  • NFDC confirmed that the Census Officer for our area for the 2021 census will be Peter Dewbery: About the census - Census 2021. It was agreed to promote the Census with residents after Christmas.

  • It was agreed to review the possibility of applying for a grant from Cllr Lane for a further defibrillator for the parish in January 2021.The Clerk to confirm with Cllr Lane.


8. Highways/Lengthsman

  • It was noted that a further issue had arisen at Popes Lane following the heavy rain at the weekend – the Clerk had contacted Highways via 101 to remove excess water from the area (as agreed with the team).

  • Works for lengthsman required by 15th January 2021. 


9. Forest/Commons/Footpaths

  • FE work at Ogdens: dragons teeth have been installed but more are required (they are too far apart) but these will not be available until the new year.Currently parking has subsided but there are a couple of repeat offenders with landrovers who simply drive between the posts.A copy of the FE leaflet was circulated but this can only be used on FE land – Cllr Heron has confirmed that HCC are working to provide a similar leaflet for use in their car parks.A request has been made by a resident to extend the dragons teeth further along the lane – the Clerk to contact Somerley (land owner) to see whether this is possible – as part of the parish review of verge protection.

  • Footpaths – work on stiles is progressing at Ogdens and the Heritage walk – the stiles for the walk have been made but are waiting for COVID restrictions to be lifted to allow installation to take place.


10. Finance

Balances in the accounts

Lloyds/TSB Treasurer’s a/c       £13172.08 (following current months expenditure)

Lloyds/TSB BIA a/c                 £247.56

Post Office/NS&I                     £2771.10

Cheques: M Coatham (Nov 20 Clerks Salary with back pay, £478.41), HMRC (tax & NI, Nov 20, £25.40), Hampshire Pension Fund (Nov 20, £130.08), CPRE Membership (£36), S137 Grants: Salisbury Hospice Trust (£250), Link Lunch (£60), Avon Valley First Responders (£250), Fordingbridge Day Centre (£50), HIOW Air Ambulance (£250), Fordingbridge Town Council Recreation Ground (£275), Hyde PCC Burial Grounds (£275), Fordingbridge Town Council (Photocopies, £42.09)

Other financial matters

  • CIL – we received £1626.24 on 11/4/2019 – we have five years to spend from that date (so four now).

  • McCloud data collection exercise – Hampshire Pension fund – Clerk to review and respond

Members approved the cheques.


11. Budget and Precept

Members reviewed the mid-year figures and agreed to set a budget of £11800 for 2021/22 (no increase from 2020/21).A precept of £11800 would be requested from NFDC.Proposed by Cllr Sevier, seconded by Cllr Woodley, all in favour.


12. Coronavirus and Parish Response: Nothing further to report at the current time – lights trail has 23 entries – members agreed to provide a small prize for each entry as well as the main prizes.


13. Consultations (responses will be posted on the parish website):  

  • NFDC Waste Strategy (10/12/20); discussion had taken place prior to the meeting and a response formulated – this was reviewed at the meeting and it was agreed to submit the document to the NFDC.Four members were against the draft proposal to introduce wheeled bins, they consider them to be inappropriate in rural areas of the National Park, but there was recognition that they may be appropriate to the wider district.The response will be posted on the Parish website.

  • NPA Partnership Plan (15/1/21) – Clerk to confirm the dates for this consultation.

  • Snapshot survey (22/1/21) – Cllr Tully to review to see whether a parish response is appropriate.


14. Correspondence: Monthly Police Newsletter; CPRE Magazine; Salisbury Hospital – COVID update from local governor; NFDC - Biodiversity Net Gain and Nutrient Mitigation – Call for Projects; Extension to Renewable Energy Grant Scheme – up to £40,000 available; Salisbury River Park: Public Consultation; Press Release: New trail to promote nature play in Bransgore; NFNPA Press Release – Response to Planning Reforms; CPRE – Broadband grants (passed to team); HCC Permit Scheme (Highways Works); NFDC Winter Maintenance Availability 2020 (Clerk noted that the parish have no directly employed staff but do have access to volunteers and some equipment if needed); NFNPA – request to further promote the number of Animal Accidents and #add3minutes campaign; NFNPA Snapshot survey – encourage residents to send feedback about the impact of the pandemic on our local area:


15. Reports of Representatives – none to report.  A complaint was sent to the school (by a resident) about speeding and a note was added to the school newsletter reminding parents to drive with care in the village.  The school governor had contacted the Clerk to ask for the feedback from members about why parents are not sending their children to the local school – this has been forwarded to Paul.

The meeting closed at 20.25


It is likely that the January meeting will also be a virtual (Zoom) meeting.  This will take place on Wednesday 13th January 2021 – further details will be available online nearer to the time.