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Minutes of the meeting held 10th March 2021 by Remote Access 

Present: Cllrs Burden, Dolphin, Mulcahy, Sevier (Chair), Tully and Woodley 

DCllr Lane and CCllr Heron 

One member of the public 

In attendance: Locum Mrs Cadman 



Apologies:  Cllr McKenzie 



Declarations of Interest:  Cllr Sevier will not contribute to or comment on the planning applications as a member of the NFNPA and NFDC Planning Committees. 



To agree the appointment of a Locum to support meetings until a new Clerk is in post. 

All members agreed to the appointment of Mrs Joanna Cadman, a qualified Clerk, to this post.   



To agree the appointment of a Proper Officer until a new Clerk is in post 

Cllr Woodley was appointed as Proper Officer.  All in agreement. 



To agree for the outgoing Clerk to complete the financial year 

Members were advised that the outgoing Clerk had agreed to complete the financial year, at £15 per hour, and would assist with the internal audit.  All in agreement. 



To agree appointment of Internal Auditor for 2020-21 

Members agreed to appoint IAC Audit & Consultancy Ltd, who had carried out the internal audit the previous year. Members noted that he also served as internal auditor for Fordingbridge.  The audit will be carried out remotely. 



Minutes of the virtual meeting held on the 10th February. 

Agreed by all present. 



Matters arising from the meeting of the 10th February 

Cllr McKenzie had asked for the following statement to be recorded: 

With reference to the information added to the end of the Minutes on her absences from the meeting 10/2/21, Councillor McKenzie would like it noted  that anyone who knows of her 20 year commitment  to the work of the parish council and her excellent attendance record would realize or assume that the temporary absences were necessary and for a good reason. 



Minutes of the virtual Extraordinary meeting held on 18th February 

Agreed by all present. 



Matters arising from the Extraordinary meeting held on 18th February 

Members discussed the role of the Chairman, Councillors and Clerk and agreed to defer to the next meeting. 

All other matters arising had been resolved. 



Update on recruitment of new Clerk 

The advertisement had been agreed and would be displayed on the website and sent to HALC.   
The role will also be advertised in the free news, the Journal, noticeboard and at the Job Centre. 

Agreed by all present. 





  1. Applications: 

21/00139 Rose Cottage, Blissford Hill – removal of condition 4 of planning permission 20/00823 for alterations to roof, door and windows.  Cllr Dolphin had looked at the condition and advised that this was a very minor alteration.  Members had no objection. 



21/00055 Crossways, Frogham Hill - window alternations – no objections 


Not yet decided: 

20/10829 (NFDC) Land at Hern Lane, Hyde, agricultural dwelling and garage. 

21/00077 Little Thatch, Ringwood Road – Dwelling (demolition of existing dwelling) 


b. Tree Applications 

21/0077 Seagars Farm, Stuckton Hill – fell 2 Conifers 

21/0082 Frogham Mount – fell and prune various mixed tree species 

21/0085 Oakdene, Frogham Hill – prune various trees and fell 1 Eucalyptus 

21/0108 1 The Cottages, Stuckton Hill – fell I Silver Birch and 1 Ginko Tree 

Cllr Sevier had viewed the tree applications and forwarded her report to the other members prior to the meeting – no ojections raised – leave to officer  


21/0016 Little Orchard, Hern Lane – fell 1 Oak and 1 Conifer – raised no objections 

21/0055 Hollands Farm, Ogdens – fell 1 silver birch, 1 Hawthorn, 1 Holly – raised no objections 

c.Other Planning Matters 

  • TEN – none received 

  • Enforcement/Appeals – Shepherds Hut in the field opposite Gorley Vale  Farm:  it has been agreed to remove it .   

  • Mast – members noted the Open Letter from the owners of Harrys Field.  Cllr Tully believed that our MP should be involved, as this is a government issue, and this was agreed.  It was accepted that the technology is needed, but it would be better to work with the companies to find acceptable sites.  The Council will also write to HCC and NFPA to request their assistance.  Cllr Heron will be copied into the correspondence.   

Members discussed the Terms of Reference for the Group which had come together to deal with this issue.  David Whitehead advised that another member of the Group is a member of another parish council and reminded the meeting that he is the Parish Council’s representative on the Group and the Expert Witness. 

Cllrs Mulcahy and Dolphin were  delegated the authority to represent the Parish Council at meetings.  Decisions that need to be taken by full Council will be delegated to the Chair and Vice Chair of the Council.   

All letters will be circulated to all members for approval and will be appended to the minutes for the information of parishioners.    




Report from County Councillor 

Galliford Fry mast: Cllr Heron reported the County Council position:  this side of the hill is an unsuitable location for the mast, for all the reasons given previously.   

Rural communications are a key issue and the County Council is very keen for a site to be found, but it was not possible for them to do this on behalf of the telecommunications companies, although they would happily work with them.   

Cllr Mulcahy said that the Parish Council wished to work with the County Council and NFPA to find a better location for the mast and to explore different technologies.  Cllr Heron confirmed that he would be happy to have this discussion and to get Estates involved.  It would be ideal if it could be agreed that the different operators share one site, as the new code requires operators to use one mast, but he recognised that it is cheaper for operators to have their own site rather than attaching to another operators mast, so it was not an attractive option.  The national issue is one of protecting the landscape at the same time as providing for 21st century living.   

Cllr Heron confirmed the verge protection leaflets for the parish are imminent and to chase him up if not received within the next two weeks.   


Report from District Councillor  

Cllr Lane thanked Cllr Woodley for taking on the role of Proper Officer.   

She understood that members were aware of actions regarding planning. 

Mast:  the photographs that the consultant had sent showing where the mast would go indicated that it would be very prominent.  It has not come to planning yet.  She and Cllr Mulcahy will liaise so that Cllr Mulcahy can brief her. 




  • Flooding at the 3 Lions:  the ditch had not been cleared for a number of years although two others nearer the stream had been.  Cllr Burden advised that two men had attended today. 

  • Hyde Lane: Cllr Tully advised that there is a flood problem in Hyde Lane, as the drain in the road is blocked.  This will be reported. 

  • Cllr Burden asked if the pothole outside Cllr Tully’s house had been repaired and was advised that there had been no action to date. 

  • Cllr Heron requested that these matters be reported online.   If, having done so, no action was taken, he requested that he is advised. 

  • Cllr Woodley advised that reflector posts are needed on Stuckton Bridge. 

  • There is a blocked culvert outside Hurngate Farm.  HCC Highways are going to arrange for this to be dug out. 

  • Lengthsman:  the contract is run from Fordingbridge Parish Council, who hold the budget of £1100 for each parish.  Members agreed that the Proper Officer should sign the contract for the coming year. - works for the lengthsman in March to include; 

  • Brambles opposite Pentons Hill, on the north side. 

  • Abbott’s well – the drainage ditch needs work 

  • There are two clumps of brambles outside Hyde School 




  • The new Countryside Code will be advertised on the website and noticeboards. 

  • Diesel has been dropped where the temporary mast is standing.  Natural England and HCC will be asked to look at this.  It has been reported to Countryside Services. 

  • The National Park have been inspecting footpaths.  The condition of many stiles is not good.  Footpath 774 is closed temporarily due to a missing bridge. 

  • the footpath near Cllr Tully is very difficult to pass and needs a bridge by Meadow House.  This will be reported to the Rights of Way Officer. 

  • Dragons Teeth North Gorey:  It has not been possible to find out how many Dragons Teeth there were planned for the green.  Chair and Vice Chair to work together on plan and apply for SSSI consent from NE.  

  • The Electricity Board installed new cable at OgdensFarm at couple of years ago, opening up a clay hole with the result that the ford has moved from its original location. Cllr Woodley will follow up with FE as they promised to monitor its condition.   



To discuss the positions of Chair/Vice Chair and to consider amending Standing Orders 

Members discussed the length of term for the Chairman of the Council and agreed to 3 consecutive years. 


Members agreed that Cllr Woodley should be elected as Vice Chair until the Annual Meeting in May. 




Cllr Woodley advised the meeting of recent expenditure, balances and cheques for payment. 


Agenda item April meeting:  to work out CIL money and Covid Support Grant.   The Chairman proposed an Away Evening to discuss CIL money and communications.  This was agreed.   


Pride in your Parish: members discussed the promotion of the litter pickers already owned by the Parish etc, and the possibility of a   shed to keep the equipment in, so that people could help themselves. 



Coronavirus and Parish Response 

Cllrs Sevier and Woodley had attended a meeting of the Covid Response committee in the Parish, held after the announcement of the timetable to come out of lockdown.  People are still helping each other. 



Parish Website review 





  1. Snapshot survey 

  1. Boundary review:  comments to be received by 5th April. 

  1. Hampshire Local Transport Plan 

  1. Dorset’s Local Plan:  proposal to increase the number of houses at Alderholt.  Cllr McKenzie will be asked if she can respond to this. 

  1. National Park:  new members are invited to join the New Forest Access Forum.  Cllr Sevier represents the Commoners, and has been involved for some time, first as Chairman and now as Vice Chairman. 




HSFA:  had received an approach from a local person wanting to know if there was a need in the parish:  laptops for schoolchildren, for example.  All enquiries to be directed to HSFA. 


A resident had concerns about people parking on the verge at the school. 


A thank you was received from Hyde Pre School for their prizes for entering the Christmas Display competition.   



Reports of representatives 

Members noted the report of the Consultative Panel held on the 4th March. 


The meeting closed at 9.08pm.