Minutes of the Meeting held on 9th June 2021 by Remote Access



Present:             Cllrs Burden, Dolphin, McKenzie, Sevier (Chair), Tully and Woodley

                            Two members of the public


In attendance:    Parish Clerk – Sue Thurston






No apologies have been received



Declarations of Interest: 

Cllr Sevier will not contribute to or comment on the planning applications as a member of the NFNPA and NFDC Planning Committees



Minutes of the Virtual Meeting held on the 19th May 2021:

Agreed by all present.



Matters arising from the Meeting of 19th May 2021:

  • Rubbish bags left outside Gorley Vale Farm – resolved – bags now being left in a container

  • Response from Jayne Albery FE ref Charles Ford – no response from HCC or FE concerning rights of way

  • Withy tree overhanging sign at Hungerford Lane junction – reported 24th May

  • Kenchingtons – NPA Officer responded 24th May – original building has been removed – non compliance to enforcement notice is the subject of a case in the Magistrates court

  • Little Thatch – NPA Officer responded 24th May – re mobile home on site – sent link to section 9

  • NPA Officer responded 24th May to possible enforcement issue at High Hazely

  • SSE Grant submitted

  • April Cottage – response from NFNPA 26th May enforcement team investigating.



Update on Employment of the new Clerk:

Sue Thurston started employment on 1st June 2021. A course on Agendas & Minutes has already been completed.  ‘What you need to know – new clerk/officer training’” is on 6th & 20th July and Internal Controls Course in September.

Mobile phone contract with EE – DD set up £19 + VAT per month.  All agreed to the purchase of a Samsung Tablet approx. £179 - £200

Pension starter form to be sent to Hampshire Pension Services and advice will be given to Sue on what to do next.

The Cllrs thanked Cllr Woodley for all her work and the training of the new clerk.



Councillor Vacancy Update:

On agenda for next month to see if anyone comes forward,




The homeowners of Hyperion attended the meeting with respect to planning application 21/00473 to explain the plans to the meeting as they were unavailable to meet with councilors when they conducted their planning visits. 





Planning:  a) Applications

21/00473 Hyperion, Stuckton Hill – Single story extension; replacement conservatory.   

Refusal PAR 2 was recommended  for the following reasons but we would accept the decision reached by the officer ;

  • HPC recommend refusal due to the full height glass west elevation not appropriate in a conservation area (Policy SP16)

  • Concerns over light pollution

  • Concerns over imbalance of the look of the front elevation (Policy SP17)

  • Concerns over wood cladding materials and amount of glass (Policy SP17)


REFUSAL PAR 2 proposed by Cllr McKenzie.  Seconded by Cllr Tulley.  All in favour.   Cllr Sevier abstained.


21/10718 NFDC – Welford, Stuckton Road – increase in load from single phase to three phase electric.  Not in Hyde parish.  No response asked for.


21/00488 Winnals Wood Cottage, Stuckton Hill – Outbuilding.  Proposed building of a two-bay garage on an existing concrete base.  The site is below the level of the road and would have no impact on the surrounding area. 

APPROVAL  PAR 3, but we would accept the decision reached by the officer ;

  proposed by Cllr Dolphin.  Seconded by Cllr Tully.  All in favour.  Cllr Sevier abstained.

Reasons for recommendation:

  • In character with the area (Policy DP2 & SP17)

To be noted that:

  • Not to be used for living accommodation either now or in the future

  • All materials to be kept on site

  • Be mindful of exterior lighting


Planning:  b) Results – Decided

21/00280 Oakdene, Frogham Hill – Two story extension; single story open extension; single story extension under carport; alterations to doors and windows; cladding; solar panels; cattle grid; gate; wall – GRANT SUBJECT TO CONDITIONS.

Planning:  c) Results – Not Yet Decided

21/00423 Honeysuckle Cottage, Hungerford Hill – First Floor Rear Extension

20/10829 (NFDC) Land at Hern Lane, Hyde – Agricultural dwelling and garage

21/00232 Dorridge Hill, Furze Hill – Single story extensions, demolition of existing single story extension


Planning:  d) Tree Applications

CONS21/0275 Little Hill, Furze Hill – Prune 1 x Holly.  Prune 1 x Camelia (Exempt from Application)


Planning:  d) Tree Applications Decided

CONS/21/0200 Apinel House, Abbotswood Road – Prune 1 x Yew, 1 x Larch and 1 x Birch. Raised no objection

CONS/21/0237 Dove Cottage, Chilly Hill – Fell 1 x Conifer Tree.  Prune 1 x Bay Laurel (Exempt form Application) Raised no objection


Planning:  e) Other Planning Matters:

  • TEN – None received

  • Enforcements/Appeals – no new cases/appeals.                                      NFDC reported parking breach at the Old Bakery, Stuckton. 

NFNPA letter re Upper Buddle – Erection of outbuilding/barn.The owner remedied the breach

            Latest enforcement report circulated.

  • Mast

Cllr Dolphin will write again to EE (Waldon) for an update.

Village Design Statement

Cllrs agreed to go forward with the draft to public consultations before going to print.

The strategy has been revised and updated.  There are no major changes.  All agreed this should go to the National Park Authority planning committee for consideration .  The idea is that this document should remain with each home for the next occupant.

Cllr Sevier’s report to be sent to the Link editor for inclusion in the magazine.



Report from County Councillor Edward Heron (HCC)

A report has been received from Cllr Heron and circulated before the meeting to the Cllrs.

The main points of the report were:

  • Residents views sought on tough decisions for balancing the budget

  • Regular virtual surgeries held on the last Friday of each month for residents to discuss any issues or raise any concerns

  • Election results

  • Pharmacy Test and Collect

  • Lateral Flow Testing and Test Kits

  • Hampshire County Council Farms

  • Connect4Communities

  • Ticks and Lyme Disease

  • Booking your Spring Recycling Slot



Report from District Councillor

No report has been received.




  • Work is progressing along Ringwood Road towards Popes Lane

  • Three reflector posts need to be moved at Stuckton

  • Lengthsman – worksheet required for end of July.  Discuss at next meeting. Include ragwort again and include in Parish magazine.

  • Ditch problem at Buddle Hill – Ditch and drain blocked.  Report to Hampshire highways

  • High fence at Stuckton – fence renewed and is now very high both sides of the bank. Report to NPA to see if it is over the allowed height.



Forest/Common/Footpaths:  to include Pride in our Parish

  • HPC to apply for SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) consent on behalf of Somerley for the installation of Dragon’s Teeth at North Gorley. 

  • Pride in our Parish – Looking at where to place the box for the litter pickers – Cllr Woodley will investigate possible sites. Box will need to be padlocked.

  • Reported vehicle damage at Abbotts Well pond – damage to be assessed

  • Footpath beside Basket & Blooms is impassable and always flooded, as a result of drainage and stagnant water.  To be reported to Ringwood & Fordingbridge Footpath Society and the Rights of Way at HCC

  • Penton Hill barrier is still broken and needs replacing to prevent unwanted vehicle access.

  • When is the historic route going to have styles/gates put in

  • New Forest Tour cycling event on next agenda





Balances in the accounts

Lloyds/TSB Treasure’s a/c      £16952.14  (following current months expenditure)

Lloyds/TSB BIA a/c                 £    247.56

Post Office/NS&I                     £  2791.05


Cheques:  The following payments were all agreed

SLCC £84.00 - Clerk Training

Joanna Cadman £125.00 - May Locum Clerk invoice

Fordingbridge Council £22.68 – Printing costs


Other Financial Matters:

  • CIL – we received £1626.24 on 11/04/2019 – we have five years to spend from that date (so three now).

  • Annual Audit date – being done now


A letter requesting the address for the Bank Statement to be changed to the new clerk’s was signed ready for posting.


AGAR should have been approved and signed off.  This was not possible as part one hasn’t yet been signed.

All agreed that Cllrs Sevier and Woodley were to sign this as soon as the audit is received.


A thank you card will be sent to Joanna Cadman for all her help as Locum Clerk.

Cllr Woodley to organise a thank you card and present to be sent to Martine for her many years service as Hyde Parish Clerk.



Coronavirus and Parish Response:

An email has been received for the cost of the toilets at the Parish picnic. 

It was suggested that the Cllrs had a table at the picnic displaying the items from our Welcome Information Pack.

Invitations to the picnic could be delivered at the same time as the newsletter.



Parish Website Review:

Working meeting planned after the end of June, for both Website and CIL money.




Have your Say – from HCC – would like to hear from as many people as possible. 

Cllr Tully looking at this for the Parish


Safer Streets Fund Survey – concerning reducing violence.  Needs to be filled out individually.




  • Adoption of the mitigation for recreational impacts on the New Forest European Sites Supplementary Planning Document – NFDC 5th May 2021.

  • Reports from residents in Ogdens of rubber chippings being dropped onto open forest at Paddis Corner – Reported to HCC and Verderers.  These were cleared by the following day.

  • Concerns from residents on the safety of cyclists going through the road closure at South Gorley

  • Notification from New Forest Tour event planned 18/19th September – one route out of the four is through our parish.

  • Concern from resident regarding parking outside Bramble Cottage.

  • Woodgreen Parish clerk email regarding interest in training courses for councilors/clerks – replied we would be interested in any courses organised and suggested a few ideas.



Reports of Representatives:

Reports received from Cllr Sevier concerning the Consultative Panel and Tree Report.



The meeting closed at 8.55pm

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