Minutes of the Meeting held on 13th April 2022


Present:             Cllrs Burden, McKenzie, Sevier (Chair), Tully, Harris and Woodley, and

                            Three Members of the Public


In attendance:    Parish Clerk – Sue Thurston


The meeting started at 7.00pm





Apologies were received from Cllr Dolphin for health reasons.



Declarations of Interest: 

Cllr Sevier will not contribute to or comment on the planning applications as a member of the NFNPA and NFDC Planning Committees

Cllr Harris will not contribute/comment on the Tree applications as he has his own Tree Business.



Minutes of the Meeting on 9th March 2022

Agreed by all present.  Cllr Sevier signed the minutes.



Matters arising from the Meeting of 9th March 2022:

  • Broken culvert at Hern Gate Farm – work still has not been started

  • Stuckton Reflector posts – Email received from Cllr Heron on 5th April – advised that the reflector posts will be relocated within the next 14 days.

  • Pentons Hill – pipe needs to be replaced before the winter.

  • Stiles at Blissford – see item 10 below

  • Flooded part of path at Stuckton.  Noted by Ringwood and Fordingbridge Footpath Society.




The applicants from planning applications 22/00186 Seagry Lawn and 22/00243 The Vicarage attended the meeting to discuss the plans.



VDS Update:

NP Planning meeting changed from 19th April to Tuesday 26th April.






Applications:  Full details can be found on the NPA/NFDC websites/planning


Cllr Sevier abstained from voting on all planning applications.


CONS/22/00145 – Winnalls Wood Cottage, Stuckton Hill – erect a Greenhouse – Consult date: 04.04.22.  Extension granted to 14.04.22

HPC Response – Approval – Leave to Officers.  Agreed by all Councillors


CONS/22/00186 – Seagry Lawn, Frogham – two storey rear extension – Consult date: 15.04.22

HPC Response – Approval – Leave to Officers.  Agreed by all Councillors


CONS/22/00243 – The Vicarage, Frogham Hill – Single storey side extension – Consult date 28.04.22

HPC Response – Approval – Leave to Officers.  Agreed by all Councillors




22/00094 – The Roost, Abbotswell Road, Frogham.  Decision: 05.04.22 – Permitted Development



Not Yet Decided


20/10829 (NFDC) Land at Hern Lane, Hyde – agricultural dwelling & garage (last update December 2021)


21/00709 Glen Brook, Ringwood Road, North Gorley – Alterations to outbuilding and change of use to 1no holiday let.  Consult date: 22.10.21

21/11573 (NFDC) – Coles Yard, Stuckton Road, Stuckton – Use of the existing building and alterations to form 9 No. Dwellings:  associated parking and landscaping – consult date: 31.12.21.  Extension granted to 14.01.22



Tree Applications


CONS/22/0154 – Ogden House, Ogdens – Fell 1 x Silver Birch – Consult date: 26.04.22

HPC Response – Leave to Officers. Agreed by all Cllrs.  Cllr Harris abstained.





CONS/22/0039 – The Beeches, Frogham Hill – Decision:  02.03.22 – Raise No Objections


CONS/22/0043 – Brockwood, Blissford Hill – Decision: 02.03.22 – Raise No Objections


CONS/22/0051 – Yaffles, Ogdens – Decision 03.03.22 – Raise No Objections


CONS/22/0062 – Little Hill, Furze Hill – Decision: 08.03.22 – Raise No Objections


R14/15/22/0083 – Meadow View, Stuckton Hill – Decision:  04.03.22 – Exempt Works


CONS/22/0077 – Land to North West of Flaxfields Lodge, Stuckton.  Decision 16.03.22 – Raise No Objections


CONS/22/0093 – Buddle Mead, Buddle Hill – Decision 22.03.22 – Raise No Objections


CONS/22/0095 – Forest Gate, Hyde – Decision 23.03.22 – Raise No Objections


CONS/22/0100 – Hyde Lane Cottage, Hyde Lane – Decision 23.03.22 – Raise No Objections


TPO/22/0099 – Chilly Hill, Abbotswell Road –Decision 29.03.22 – Grant



Other Planning Matters:


  • TEN – 9694/LICTE/22/11484 – EH.  Harry’s Field Campsite, Abbotswell Road, Frogham. Proposed Event Dates:  25.06.22 – 12.30hrs to 17.00hrs. Frogham Fair. The Sale by Retail of Alcohol.  One hundred persons.


  • Enforcements/Appeals  - Circulated


  • Mast – see under correspondence



Report from County Councillor Edward Heron (HCC) – None received



Report from District Councillor – None received




  • Temporary Road Closure – Blissford Hill, Frogham – Saturday 25th June 2022 from 16.30hrs to 17.30hrs – Frogham Fair Wheelbarrow Race.  The closure has been requested on behalf of Frogham Fair Committee – Comments needed by 20th April 2022

  • Temporary Road Closure – Blissford Hill, Frogham – Sunday 5th June from 12.00hrs to 19.00hrs – Platinum Jubilee Street Party – Comments needed by 20th April 2022

  • Gate adjacent to Cattle grid at Stuckton – main post is coming away at the base and gate can’t be shut closed.  This has been reported to the Verderers,HCC and also to Cllr Heron, who has passed it on directly to the area highway manager. Hampshire Highways update on 11th April – ‘our contractor has made safe or repaired the reported problem’. 


Lengthsman:  Next scheduled workday is Monday 30th May 2022.  Please notify the clerk if there is anything that needs doing.



Public Event Notifications:

  • Cycle Event on 20th August starting from Moyles Court School – Original route objected to on safety grounds and new route notified on 4th April 22.  However, this goes all along the back road from Ringwood which everyone will be using at that time due to the A31 Ringwood diversion.

The Cllrs were very concerned about the possible problems of the new route and whether we as a Council, Councillors or Residents should comment.

A vote was taken, and all Councillors agreed that we should comment on this as a Council.


  • Cycle Event on 17th & 18th September – Gang Warily



Forest/Common/Footpaths:  to include Pride in our Parish

  • Ragwort Clearing – Ragwort pull day on Saturday 2nd July @ 9.30am meeting at Hyde School

  • New Forest Spring Clean

  • New Accessible Gate has been installed at the watersplash in Blissford Road. Two complaints have been received on these new gates:

  1. The gates for the disabled will not properly open as it will hit/get lodged against the upright. – This has been passed on to the NP.

  2. How are the emergency services going to get in and get people out if they have a heart attack or break a leg? In these circumstances the Fire Brigade would help.

           These gates have made it easier for people to access the footpaths.



Annual Parish Assembly:

Tuesday 17th May 2022 @ 7pm – Hyde Memorial Hall

Speaker from Fordingbridge Greener Living



Informal Discussion on Chair & Vice-Chair:

An informal discussion took place on the Chair and Vice-Chair positions, the terms of office and the correct processes for voting on a chairperson.



NFNPA Local List:

Launched on 10th January with no deadline.  No update to report.



Emergency Plan & Policies up for Renewal

Emergency plan review is ongoing.


Policies agreed during March:

Recording Policy

Grievance Policy

The above policies were agreed by the Councillors.


Policies still to be agreed:

Complaints Procedure, Disciplinary Procedure, & Equiallity Policy

Privacy Notices – Cllrs, Staff & General

Data Protection Policy



Clerk’s New Pay Scales – 2021/2022

New National Salary Award 2021/22.  Hourly rate has increased from £11.53 (SCP 12) to £11.73 per hour. The new rate should be applied from 1st April 2021. Back-dated pay to be included in April 2022 pay.  This was agreed by all Councillors.




Balances in the accounts:  (as at 31st March 2022)

Lloyds/TSB Treasurer’s a/c    £  11,744.83

Lloyds/TSB BIA acc                £       247.56

Post Office/NS&I a/c               £    2,791.33

Key Deposit                            £         10.00

Total Balance in Hand         £   14,793.72


Paid by Direct Debit

EE Mobile - £24.91 – on or after 12th April 2022 – Monthly amount increased in line with contract.



£599.27 – Mrs S Thurston – March 2022 Salary

£170.59 – Hampshire Pension Fund (E’rs Contribution increased by 1.2% to 21.4%)

£  22.80 – Mrs S Thurston – Expenses-Stamps


Agreed by all Councillors.

Bank Reconciliation:

Completed to 31st March 2022.  Signed by Cllr Harris


End Of Year Returns:

  • McCloud data request 2021-2022 – submission emailed 12.04.22

  • LGPS Hampshire Pension Return 2021-2022 – submission emailed 12.04.22


VAT Return:

VAT Return for year to 31st March 2022 – claim for £181.12 submitted on 12.04.22


Year End Accounts:

Accounts circulated to all Cllrs with these notes.

  • End of Year Accounts to 31st March 2022

  • Income & Account balances to 31st March 2022

  • Expenditure to 31st March 2022

  • Comparison of Actual to Budget Year to 31st March 2022

The Chair and the Responsible Finance Officer signed and dated the accounts.


Internal Audit:

  • Information requested will be emailed to IAC Audit and Consultancy Ltd by Friday 29th April 2022 at latest.

  • Internal audit requested from 10th May onwards. Actual date to be agreed.

  • Looking to bring AGAR to the Council for approval at our Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday 8th June 2022.


External Auditors:

Information received from PKF Littlejohn on 21st March 2022 showing deadline dates and information on year end preparation.


NS&I Account:  Letter received from NS&I on 9th March 2022 – Signatories have all been changed and account updated.


Insurance: due for renewal by 31st May 2022. 


Defibillator’s:  Ongoing 



Parish Website Review:

Ongoing – existing website pages to be reviewed.



Parish Facebook Page:

Cllr Burden and Woodley will be overseeing this.



Parish Coffee Morning:

Starting – Thursday 21st April 2022 @ 11am



Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Planting a Tree in the Parish is progressing, and we now have permission from the Verderers. 




Landscape review:  Government Response and Consultation – Glover Report

Reply agreed by all Cllrs and emailed on 6th April 2022. Confirmation link and response ID received on the same day.




  • Joy Riding causes Deer Fatality – email 14.03.22

  • Email received regarding the Temporary Mast Contract due to end this summer.



Reports of Representatives: (Meetings attended during the last month and to note future meetings).    None.



The meeting closed at 9.00pm