Consultation Status:     Open
Runs from                   11 Apr 2016 to 4 Jul 2016
Results expected         25 July 2016
Feedback expected     29 August 2016

This consultation covers the first 10 years of a Plan that will develop the future of the Forest over the next 200 years.

There are three key areas:

Move towards native woodlands     (working woodlands; 95% native species)
Connect old growth woodland        (pasture woodland outside the inclosures)
Restore open habitats                      (heathland lost when planted in the 60’s)

The overall aims are:

Increasing the resilience of key, vulnerable habitats
Maintaining a productive Forest, and
Using low-impact methods to slow change down and allow for future changes.

These changes will take time - more than 100 - 150 years - regeneration over planting, continuous cover system.

The key link to the Forestry Commission section is here:

This is an important link, containing many links to other areas + pages of interest:

    A useful summary entitled  GIVE US YOUR VIEWS
    Introduction  (in 33 pages)
    21 maps
    6 additional information sheets


It is a large document; but while this is a consultation, it will form the basis of the FC 'direction of travel' for many years to come and will influence the appearance of the Forest well into our great grandchildren's lifetime.

Do take the time to look into this and if you wish to make representaions,then please note that  the Consultation open now - and runs to 4th July.

If you do respond, would you copy your response to  as this will help us gauge local views.  Thank you.