Hyde Parish, located in South West Hampshire, is made up of several thousand acres of the New Forest and contains a number of hamlets, one of which, Hyde, gives its name to the Parish.


The Parish measures some 6 kilometres from East to West and 3 kilometres from North to South. In the East almost three quarters of the Parish is open heath and forest with no roads, buildings or conventional agriculture whereas the Western fringe is mostly grazing land sloping down into the Avon Valley. 


The population of less than a thousand mainly lives between these two areas in eight hamlets – Blissford, Frogham, Furzehill, Hungerford, Hyde, North Gorley, Ogdens and Stuckton – and in a number of smaller communities – Buddle, Chilly Hill, Dorridge Hill, Hucklesbrook and Woodford Bottom. In all there are some 400 dwellings dating from the 16th Century to the present day.  


There is no industry in the Parish and no major employer. Employment within the Parish is mainly related to horses, other forms of agriculture and tourism. A significant proportion of the workforce is self-employed and some commute to nearby towns. Around a third of the population is retired. 


Commoning is still practised and, whilst no longer viable as a sole source of income, is vital to the environmental well being of the Forest. About ninety per cent of the Parish is within the perambulation of the New Forest (the area where the Verderers’ Court has jurisdiction and commoners exercise their traditional rights) and a similar area is within the New Forest National Park.


Hyde is thus a truly rural community and its residents like it that way. 

The Parish Plan survey took place in 2005.  The Parish responded enthusiastically to the Parish Plan initiative and a positive Action Plan was developed.  It was reviewed in 2014.

The survey showed that an overwhelming majority enjoy living in Hyde and give the rural environment, peace and quiet, and being in the New Forest as the reasons why. 


To study the Plan in its entirety, together with the 2014 review, please contact the Clerk, using the Contact form on the Contact Us menu.