Planning and Tree Applications
If you submit a planning application (to either New Forest District Council or New Forest National Park Authority), or an application for tree works, the Parish Council will be notified and two Councillors will visit your site (for planning) to give you an opportunity to discuss the application and also to allow the Councillors to better understand the proposals and talk to your neighbours (where appropriate).  The application will be discussed at the next parish meeting and you will have the opportunity to provide more information during the public session - along with neighbours comments.  The Councillors will discuss the application further during closed session and will submit a response to the relevant authority.  The results are minuted at each meeting.
2018 Update: Please note we have received a number of retrospective applications recently, as much of the Parish lies within the National Park it is likely a planning application is required for works to property or land - it is better to speak to the Planning Department before you start any works to clarify the position.
During 2018 the Parish Council considered 27 applications.
Planning Visits Rota 2022

February      Cllrs McKenzie & Burden

March          Cllrs Dolphin & Harris 

April            Cllrs Woodley & Burden

May             Cllrs Mckenzie & Harris

June             Cllrs Dolphin & Tully 

July              Cllrs Woodley & Harris 

August         Cllrs McKenzie & Tully

Planning Applications & Decisions


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