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The Wiggle weekend, (Saturday & Sunday 11/12th April), turned out to be rather more than even we had bargained for!   First we were invaded by over 2,000 cyclists on each day, racing - sorry, delete that, substitute pedalling - over 69 or 86 mile courses..

Then on Sunday morning a brigade of gorgeous, but ancient, motor vehicles launched a drive-through.  


A lot came up from Blissford via the Abbotswell corner, while others preferred to come up via Blissford Hill.



Both straggles of vehicles met at the crossroads by the Village Hall, where some 100's of cyclists were being refreshed and/or relieved, while other bikers simply swept through the crossroad, turning right en route to the finish.

So now we have many hundreds of bikers approaching up Frogham Hill, turning left or right, meeting a steady stream of vehicles approaching from Blissford or Abbots Well, all intending to head south towards Ringwood.


Unfortunately there was a third group who had also decided to visit us - unannounced.  A party of helmeted skateboarders had arrived to use the hill from the Abbotswell Car Park as a racetrack, down and round the sharp bend by the Well and on until they ground to a halt -  thus encountering all the vehicles approaching from Blissford + ponies etc.

Ponies had to be shepherded out of the way - this is 'Blackie' who belongs to Sally & Jim Crook

Not all contestants managed the corner.......

Your Parish Council stands to represent the best interests of all Parish residents.  We would welcome your input, your views and thoughts, on what turned out to be a pretty frenetic weekend.  Please use the 'Contact us' button on the home page.